The following are the staff members and ministry leaders of our church:

Pastoral Staff

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Bishop and First Lady Michael & Lori Blankenship
Mark & Patsy Bembry
Associate Pastor Mark & Patsy Bembry 

Church Elders

 Robery & Sandy Austin
Elder Robert & Sandy Austin
 Curdell & Cindy Pettis
Elder Curdell & Cindy Pettis
Randy & Georgia Barnes
Elder Randy & Georgia Barnes 
Lawrence & Betsy Weaver
Elder Lawrence & Betsy Weaver 
Daniel & Christina Maisuwan
Elder Daniel & Christina Maisuwan
Jordan & Alicia Midey
Elder Jordan & Alicia Midey 
Natonia & Amy Clay
Elder Natonia & Amy Clay 
Elder Rev. Albert Andreoli

Support Staff

Pastoral Secretary Sandy Austin
 Patsy Bembry
Financial Secretary Patsy Bembry 

Graphic Arts Director Emily Everage
Lawrence & Betsy Weaver
Maintenance Director Lawrence Weaver

Ministry Leaders

Jan Marie Holzberger
Bus Ministry Director Jan Marie Holzberger 
 Carla Wilson
Children's Ministries Director Carla Wilson 
Natonia Clay
Children's Church Director Natonia Clay
 John Serrano
Finance Committe Director John Serrano

Head Usher Tim Smith 
 Avon Murphy
Fleet Maintenance Director Avon Murphy

Fishermen's Net Preschool Director Terri Etheridge

Food Service Director Rick Desordi

GAP Singles Director Heather Hines 
Jail Chaplain Rev. Albert Andreoli

Janitorial Director Debra Ghormley 
Bible Quizzing Coach Ashley Desordi
Military Liason Oscar & Lisa Garcia
Nursery Director Connie Thomas
Prayer Director Deborah Burnette
Purpose Institute Director Joe Austin
Senior Bible Quizzing Coach Bill Holzberger
Silver Eagle Assistant Holly Thomas
Silver Eagles Director Anthony Caprio

Spanish Interpreter Roberta Dominguez 

THis Youth Dept. Kevin & Sandra Townes 

Ladies Ministries