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After coming to Norfolk in the early days of the church, I was heavily involved in teaching home bibles studies. (Sometimes 6-8 per week) I finally wrote my own one hour study meant to lead someone who is ready to receive Jesus into their life and give them instruction on “how to” become born again. This is a harvesting tool for those who are ready to move forward.

The NBE has over 150,000 published in English and has been translated into a dozen languages being used on the mission fields of the world. It can be ordered in print copy for evangelism purposes on the Pentecostal Publishing House button on the bottom left of the home page.

May God bless you as you study his word and lead people to Jesus…

Michael G. Blankenship
Senior Pastor / Bishop
Norfolk Apostolic Church

Examining Tradition in the Light of Truth

By Michael G. Blankenship
(c) Copyright 2000 United Pentecostal Church International.

No study of the Bible is more to the "bottom line" than the study of redemption and salvation! There may be many things we may not fully grasp in Scripture, but WE MUST GRASP this subject. 

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Repentance - True repentance is the first step to God! Repentance prepares our heart to obey the Scriptures further. Many have assumed that repentance is itself the new birth experience. It is said that if we "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ" we need not go any further, because the new birth is complete...

Water Baptism - Water baptism has two distinct meanings...

Who Jesus Really Was - The name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is Jesus! The disciples never had a single conflict over baptism in the New Testament. Why? Because they understood the singleness or oneness of God...

The Holy Ghost - You do not receive the Holy Ghost automatically when you believe. It is a separate but dynamic experience that is part of the new birth!



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