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May 7, 2014

"Wake Up America" is Hampton Roads’ newest 30-minute talk show. The show debuted May 4 on Fox 43. and is hosted by philanthropist, business owner, and mother of five, Lisa Pitts.

Lisa has tasked herself with bringing America back to God. “The nation has drifted from so many of the fundamental principles that our beloved country was founded upon,” explains Lisa. “Somebody has to step up—not only to make issues known, but to present solutions.

Mrs. Pitts received the vision for "Wake Up America" six years ago with her husband and business partner, Michael Pitts. In the midst of owning Steadfast Medical Staffing, a premier Hampton Roads medical staffing agency, Lisa has since searched for and built a team of like-minded Kingdom Believers that share her enthusiasm and compassionate heart. The team has transformed Lisa’s vision into a tangible reality.

The interview-style talk show will feature the perspectives of pastors, local politicians and community leaders. Viewers can expect straightforward, thought-provoking questions and answers from both guests and Lisa Pitts.

"Wake Up America" airs 8:30 a.m. Sunday on Fox 43.

MGBOfficeCasual med

In the late fall of 2013 Lisa Pitts came to my office because she believed God had spoke to her with the instruction to come see me, but that she didn't know exactly why? She shared with me her burden and vision for reaching the community and even the nation at large with a new television and radio project. I shared with her the Apostolic one God message of Acts 2:38.

Over the weeks that followed God beautifully opened her eyes and gave her biblical understanding that had previously escaped her. Like the believers of Ephesus in Acts 19, she loved God and had walked in what she understood to that point… But then God now opened her eyes to a new level of understanding which has given her a new experience in Him. Her passion and excitement is contagious!

As a result of her passion, she has begun the WUA project and a number of her shows are being dedicated around the Acts 2:38 topic because she desires to bring attention to the Apostolic message so that others may experience what she has. Even though this is her project, she has asked me to co-host several shows with her, which I am endeavoring to do. We will make these shows available here on our web site after they air locally.

In the meantime, PLEASE pray with us that God will guide us and that we will use this opportunity wisely. Jesus said this Gospel much be preached to the world before the end comes. It is obviously a very expensive venture and we are straining to accomplish. So if your able to assist financially from time to time it would be most appreciated. Just use the online giving button and mark the offering under outreach. We hope you will be blessed… Enjoy!

Bishop Michael G. Blankenship