Brothers in Christ Supporting and Uplifting Each Other

If you’ve been hoping to find a Church in Hampton Roads with a powerful Men’s Ministry then look no further than Norfolk Apostolic Church.

MEN’S MINISTRY: Director – Associate Pastor Mark E. Bembry

This world is a mess. It’s easy to make horrible decisions that will negatively impact you and your family, your finances, your job and – most importantly – your walk with God. One way to avoid the many pitfalls that men face every day is to be accountable to your brothers in Christ. This is only possible when you take the time to build relationships and form bonds, so that you know you have someone to turn to when you need a little extra prayer.

The Men’s Ministry at NAC is dedicated to helping men become the very best husbands, fathers and friends that they can be. Through prayer breakfasts and fellowship outings, we encourage the men of our Church in Hampton Roads to build friendships that will stand the test of time. We participate in 2 district level Men’s events each year and strongly encourage our men to be involved in the work of God.

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