Helping Young Adults Find a Firm Foundation on Which to Build Their Lives

Young adults need guidance in many areas of their lives, and the leaders of our Norfolk Church’s College & Career group put together educational sessions on many topics as well as fun fellowship activities.

COLLEGE & CAREER: Directors – Elder Curdell & Cynthia Pettis

The decisions made from high school graduation until age 30 can impact the rest of a young person’s life. The College & Career group at our Norfolk Church aims to help provide mentors to these young people and to provide them with useful information about dating, finances, employment and much more. This ministry is particularly targeting singles in the “twentysomething” age bracket.

Through a monthly breakout session and several fun fellowship events held throughout the year, the leaders of the College & Career group at our Church in Norfolk are dedicated to helping young adults make wise choices.

Because our Church in Norfolk is in a military town, many young adults that attend Norfolk Apostolic Church do not have family nearby. While nothing can take the place of family, the College & Career group provides a community where young adults feel that they belong and where they can find friendship and support. To learn more about College & Career and about upcoming breakout sessions and events, please see group’s directors.

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