Glorifying God Through Performance Art

The Drama Ministry of our Church in Norfolk uses storytelling, music and other types of presentations to glorify God and to touch the hearts of those who see their work.

DRAMA MINISTRY: Director – Elder Natonia Clay

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Then perhaps you would make a wonderful addition to our Church Drama Ministry. Over the years, this addition to our Tidewater Church has put on some first-class performances of full-length dramas as well shorter presentations such as sign pieces and other artistic expressions of faith.

While the team works hard on their execution of these works, the glory always goes to God. Each participant is not there to give a performance as much as they are there to give God glory through the Drama Ministry.

The team loves to worship through drama both in church and in places where they can reach the community. The drama team has performed in malls, at church block parties, in the City of Norfolk’s Grand Illumination Parade and in other venues. See the Drama Ministry director if you’d like more information about the powerful and talented Norfolk Apostolic Church Drama Team.

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