G.A.P. (God’s Anointed People) – A Group for Singles Ages 30 and Up

GAP SINGLES DEPT: – Heather Hines, Director

Our Norfolk Church understands the importance of ministering to our single men and women, and the G.A.P group offers a variety of fellowship opportunities and spiritual encouragement for singles.

In many churches, singles are overlooked. This isn’t intentional, but many Hampton Roads Churches focus just on families. The strong children’s programs and family ministries are hugely important, but sometimes singles get neglected. That is not the case at Norfolk Apostolic Church!
Our G.A.P. (God’s Anointed People) group provides opportunities for fellowship for Christian singles ages 30 and up. The group offers a chance to get to know the others singles in the church and to form a sense of family and community. This group is in addition to our College & Career group for singles under 30.

Some of the activities organized by the G.A.P. group include Bible studies, fellowship potluck dinners, daytrips and much more. If you’re looking for a Norfolk Church that values its singles then look no further than NAC! Call or Email for more information.

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