A Ministry to Help Strengthen Marriages

Like all Virginia Apostolic Churches, our Church in Norfolk is devoted to helping families stay together. One way we help marriages is through the Young Married’s Ministry.

YOUNG MARRIED’S: Directors – Rev. Robert & Sandy Austin

Current estimates say that between 40% and 50% of current marriages will end in divorce. Many more couples will stay together, but will not have the healthy, happy marriages that they want. The Young Married’s ministry of our Church in Norfolk aims to help tip the odds in the favor of families staying together for the long haul.

The leaders host monthly breakout sessions as well as, fun fellowship events throughout the year. Each breakout session includes lessons on how to strengthen your marriage, help your partner feel secure and have the kind of the marriage that built on a solid foundation.

The Young Married’s ministry focuses on couples of any age who have been married for ten years or less. If you want to help shore up your marriage against the many pitfalls that destroy so many, consider the Young Married’s ministry to be one more tool in your happy marriage toolbox!

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